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govar portal to another dimension

Who we are

A big hallway with blue walls with a orange triancle in the end of it, showing the portal to enter the xr spaces.

govar starts where reality ends – with Extended Reality.

We listen carefully and provide holistic consultation:

Is the usage of new technologies useful for your case? Or would it be just be another gimmick?

The long-term use of these technologies is important to us.

govar makes the most out of all realities!

We're enablers – always on the search for solutions that sustainably improve our everyday life!

What we do

govar studio specializes in the design and development of Virtual Reality (VR) and
Augmented Reality (AR) applications. We provide interactive visual solutions for culture, art,
architects, designers, digital agencies, and companies from various domains.

We believe that experiencing something is better hearing it a 100 times.

That is our focus – to create and iterate applications that deliver your message
to the world in the most elegant and clear way.

A one-liner drawing with a man looking up with VR Glasses.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) transports users into computer-generated environments using specialized headsets and peripherals. It enables immersive experiences where users can interact with and explore virtual worlds as if they were physically present.
VR has diverse applications across gaming, education, training, and therapy, revolutionizing the way we engage with digital content.

Augmented Reality

In distinction to virtual reality, augmented reality merges reality with
the digital world via your smartphone camera or glasses.
Our perception of reality is enhanced by digital elements such as
texts, pictures, videos, or 3D-animations, which can be placed
in your perception of the real world on your screen.

A one-liner drawing with a hand holding a smart-phone.
A one-liner drawing with a camera and a 360 degrees symbol.

360 Video

360-degree video captures footage in all directions simultaneously, allowing viewers to explore scenes from any angle by panning their viewpoint. In VR, this technology enables users to immerse themselves in these videos, feeling as though they are present within the captured environment. It can be utilized for immersive storytelling, virtual tours, training simulations, and experiential marketing, offering an engaging and interactive way to experience real-world or digitally created environments.


3D content is the base of creating new reality experiences.
It's used to display digital extensions from every perspective and can be
implemented in a virtual surrounding via VR or a real surrounding via AR.

A one-liner drawing with a (ruby) cube.

How We Do It

Step 1


A well thought out conception is the founation of every production.
What is your history, vision, and goal?
Let’s create an unique holistic concept for your business and your needs.

Step 2


The pre-production includes all essential preparations for a smooth production.
Looking for the optimal shooting venue, recruiting the right people and technologies,
and finalizing the shooting schedule – just to name a few things on the to do list.

Step 3

Production & Development

Now it’s finally time for the realization of new realities.
Employing agile principles, we collaborate closely with both the creation team and
the customer, iterating systematically to reach the full potential of our initial vision.

Step 4

Review & Iterate

We conduct comprehensive evaluations of both our team's performance and project outcomes following significant milestones or launches, identifying areas of success and areas for improvement. Through this reflective process, we aim to enhance our capabilities and refine project strategies, fostering continuous growth and excellence for your project.

Step 5

Do it all again!


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Contact Us

We can't wait to hear about your next project or idea.
Feel free to drop us a line via email.
We'll get back to you with the speed of light.

Tumblingerstr. 2, 80337 München

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