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BMW Formula E VR Masterclass

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Visit the ISS, see the astronauts' view on earth, then jump into the virtual workshop of BMW, to sneak an up close look at the BMW iX – All possible in this VR experience. In a world where remote working is the norm, we believe that a metaverse like this is the future of bringing coworkers together. 

The aim was to create a virtual space for BMW in which sponsors, partners, and customers had the chance to interact with one another, whilst facing global covid restrictions. The virtual 3D model of the BMW Andretti Motorsport race car lets you look through the individual components of the car while getting first-hand insights from Motorsport drivers. For an after-work chat, attendees could meet and network on the virtual rooftop bar.In the course of the masterclass series we created a virtual render of the International Space Station (ISS). Attendees were able to explore the station immersively, floating in and out of the station and sitting in the Copula while being guided by Steven Swanson, a former astronaut.

Category: #VR

Client: BMW Motorsport

Cooperation: jerry Digital, ENGAGE, Pico

VR Space shuttle with group of people.
Group looking at BMW in VR.
Collection on Headsets on the table, snow outside.

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