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Spar Stickermania

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The perfect scenario of a child's imagination, getting up close to elephants, lions, zebras and so on. With the Stickermania app, children were able to go on an exciting but crazy safari adventure with Oskar and Bo. All from the comfort of their home, made possible with the AR versions of dancing animals and a spooky maze.  

Stickermania is an annually recurring sticker book action from the SPAR supermarket. The task was to create the first ever, more immersive Stickermania adventure for children, in which they would go on an adventure through Africa with Oskar and Bo. We created AR versions of dancing animals and a maze, which was accessible via the Stickermania app. In addition to traditionally collecting stickers, the App gave children the ability to conjure the animals into their home, as well as navigating a maze.

Category: #AR #Commerce

Client: SPAR Österreich

Cooperation: Gobiq

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